Wednesday, May 24, 2006


SFGate: LEAH GARCHIK : Small Green Soldiers

Little Green Soldiers
The original article can be found on here:
Monday, May 22, 2006 (SF Chronicle)
Leah Garchik

The blogosphere carries word of the May 26 deployment of Kvatch's
Kommandos, small plastic army men attached to anti-Iraq war messages, to
be left in public places all around the country. "Let's make this a
movement that will get noticed," says one organizer. The online
conversation that follows includes regrets from one would-be participant:
"I wanted to do it but my little plastic soldiers are being sent to the
border to guard our country from being invaded by brown people."


Public eavesdropping
"Should I ask him? I speak bird a little."

Small girl to her father, upon encountering a mourning dove settled in a
driveway, overheard in Belmont by Shelley Frost.


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