Friday, June 16, 2006


Anti-Enlistment Video for Our Children

Is America Burning has posted several times about the government keeping data bases on our school children, setting up military recruitment desks at schools and colleges(they like to sign them up when our sons and daughters are inexperienced and naive). Everyone has seen the recruitment advertisements on TV and they are enticing. The following video is an anti-recruitment song and visual for young people.

I must admit that at my age it is definitely NOT my kind of vid and I had difficulty understanding some of the lyrics, but a test run on a grandson elicited a "Cool, Grandma" seal of approval. (OK, so I'm showing my age). My enjoyment of the vid is not necessary. The important factor is whether or not it dissuades even ONE young person from going like a lamb to the slaughter house of Iraq; if it accomplishes that, I'll say "cool" also.

This is an edited message from Chris Grupta. I usually delete Gupta's emails but this one has merit. Following the vid is a hauntingly beautiful anthem for Vietnam Soldiers by Rita Morrison, with photos from Iraq - affirming that Iraq is today's Vietnam and a timely message. After that is a brief series of statements from Vietnam Vets. An African American vet speaks of calling the Vietnamese "gooks" and he came to realize that "gook is the same thing as nigger". The military continues brainwashing our troops to dehumanize the enemy by calling them derogatory names. The Iraqis suffer a number of insulting names, including "animals". wrote:
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 16:59:32 -0400

Here is a tacit example of "use 'em and spew them" motto that the military, all under the pretense of protecting us continuly feeds us. The unconditional trust by most in the authorities, makes all these deceptions a piece of cake for them. Especially if you have children going gu gu ga ga over careers in the military. Children who have been deluded by the authorities on the real hidden agendas of the war on terrorism. See:

ADDICTED TO WAR Los Angeles Screening

War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler - Free book on the net

What if everyone refused to fight?

Then see this eye opening, well-done clip about saying no to being a soldier in the war machine. click on “click here to start” at the bottom and if you agree, send this to everyone you know. There are extra clips at the end - be sure not to miss.

Chris Gupta

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