Monday, July 31, 2006


Quicksand and Blood

Quicksand and Blood.

Excellent history of how our government has practised the "Salvadorian Option" to over throw regimes and install regimes friendly to US interests, especially our corporate interests, by establishing death squads, funding "insurgents", murder, torture, kidnappings and disappearances.

Sound familiar? Kinda like Iraq, post-war? If it worked so well in Central and South America, why not the Middle East. Hmmm. But REAL insurgents threw a monkey wrench into the grand plan. So far there are no winners. Only the innocent civilians lose. As always.

But note the paragraph on Israel and the Palestinians. A different can of worms that hasn't worked out so well. Will we still be in the midst of a bloody uprising 30 years from now? Probably.

The know-it-all know-nothing neocons failed to account for the Muslim religion and its importance to the Arab people, and their deep seated suspicion and dislike of the US and Israel. They have long memories of the abuses by the West. Unlike most of the American people, they are well aware of the US and Western nations' dirty practises and interference in other nations' . Sadly, we have not always been the good guys.
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