Tuesday, July 25, 2006



Tomgram: Ruth Rosen on Sexual Terrorism and Iraqi Women

A Wave of Sexual Terrorism in Iraq

Female Soldiers Treated Like Dirt


There has been considerable publicity recently about the rape and murder of a 15 year old Iraqi girl, her murder and the murder of her parents and 5 year old sister. There has been brief mention of Iraqi rapes by US service men in the past but none as exposed as this case.

There have been news reports of rape and sexual harassment of female military personnel by male enlisted men and officers. Not too long ago there was a report of a female soldier who would not drink fluids past midafternoon for fear of the rapes on the way to toilets at night. She subsequently died of dehydration. There were also news reports of female military personnel subjected to harassment and crude or vulgar name calling and disrespect.

The following article publishes the comments of readers to reports.

Rape and the US Military

Are all soldiers rapists, murderers, sadists, sexual terrorists? Are all soldiers inhumane?
Ofcourse not. The military personnel are a cross section of our society. Just as in our society we have rapists, murderers, inhumane sadists, sexual terrorists, and just as in our society the majority of our men are decent men with strong moral values. So it is in the military, but the men with deviant tendencies find it easier to do their evil in war situations where they have so much power and control with no constraints by the local laws and enforcers.

I imagine that there also are young men who are basically of good morals, when in the company of others who commit crimes of this nature succumb to the mob mentality and get caught up in something they regret for the rest of their lives. A vietnam veteran told about having a male dog hanging around the hootch wherein he and some buddies were quartered. The male dog was always trying to mount anything mountable. One day after a prostitute had serviced the men in the hootch, one of the guys thought it would be a hilarious good turn for their mascot to be serviced also. They held the woman down in a knee-chest position and allowed to dog to mount her and do his business. Understandably, the woman was humiliated, degraded and furious. The men thought it was funny. But in telling the story at home years later, the veteran appeared shamed by the action. As he damnably well should have been. Had each of those men been alone, they probably would not have done such a thing, but in a group they did.

And, as always, evil gets far more publicity than good, once the evil is made known.
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