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My grandson in Iraq with an Iraqi family. He says most of the Iraqis near his post are friendly to the Americans.

************************************************************************************* On Iraq's Kids, by Dave
One soldier's blog post.

I found this blog and post on Search; it worked when I clicked on it. But afterwards when typing it in, ithe url wouldn't work. I don't know why. He had posted a photograph of himself and some Iraqi children. Click on "3 comments" at end of his post; NOT on 1 comment and end of mine.

Why is it the US media continues to paint a picture of the situation on the ground in Iraq as one where the Iraqi people hate Americans? Most every servicemember who has served in Iraq will tell you that the majority of the people are friendly and hospitable, talking on the streets, inviting soldiers into their homes or businesses and many times offering food. Many times we visited schools or drove through villages hearing chants "Yes Yes America" and waves of both adults and children. Of course not everyone likes the American presence and of course there are insurgents, terrorists and bad people in Iraq. Geographically, there are differences where people are more friendly or less friendly varying even from village to village. What I witnessed is that the great majority of Iraqis are just like the majority of Americans; wanting to raise their children and prepare them for their future while earning a living in a safe and secure environment. en sha'a Allah
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I think a lot of this depends on where the soldiers are. My son found most of the Iraqis where he was to be anti-American (the SW quadrant of Baghdad). The only ones he saw for the Americans were the ones who were financially profitting from our presence.
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