Sunday, October 08, 2006


Bush prepares to Unleash More Dogs of War

How many more of our sons and daughters will be sacrificed by Bush and the Neocons in their insane push for imperial power, to bring about the New Rome? How many more nations destroyed? Howmany more innocent civilians slaughtered?
Our government squabbles with Venezuela and North Korea. We parade warships up and down the South American coast and station troops in neighboring South American nations. We send troops to Africa and units to Asia. We maintain troops in Afghanistan and Iran and continue to have our troops injured and killed. Even our generals have criticized the mismanagement of the wars as waged so far.
Already the Pentagon says we have an insufficient number of military people and pushes for greater enlistment, but enlistment is down. In spite of attractive inducements to enlist, many of our young have gotten wise (but not enough).
So what in hell is our government thinking with all this saber rattling? Complete lost touch with reality as they entertain their delusions of glory and grandeur?
March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
The Pentagon has already drawn up plans for U.S. sponsored attacks on Iran and Syria.3 Despite the public posturing of diplomacy by the United States and Britain, just like the Iraq Invasion, Iran and Syria sense another Anglo-American war in the horizon. Both countries have been strengthening their defenses for the eventuality of war with the Anglo-American alliance.
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