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In December, Senate Democrats were persuaded to give Robert M. Gates a free pass to become Defense Secretary, despite warnings from CIA officers who had worked with him.
The Democrats bought into the "conventional wisdom" that Gates would guide George W. Bush toward a phased withdrawal from Iraq.
Instead, Gates is emerging as a loyal foot soldier for Bush in expanding the war -- and to demonstrate his thanks to the Democrats for the free pass, Gates now is accusing them of aiding America's enemies by not falling in line behind Bush.
For the full story of how the Democrats were bamboozled again, go to at .
While there, also read "The Other Iraq War: Son vs. Father."
The Iraq War is a tragic story of miscalculation and hubris that has claimed the lives of 3,000 American soldiers and possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.
But the war may have another dimension, a psychological conflict between a headstrong son and his disapproving father.
In this guest essay, Ivan Eland says one motive in George W. Bush's decision to plunge deeper into the Iraq quagmire may be that he won't admit that his father was right.
Bush is has always played the role of the pathetic screw-up in his family - Mommy and Daddy having to shield him from his scrapes with the law, military service, failure in business, and so forth.

Who can tell if theirs is not the greater sin? But Baby Bush is showing us the penalty for not honoring father and mother, even evil ones or fools. It makes you really blind and stupid (Proverbs 20:20).

The whole nation is like this, notably in its contempt for Europe where it came from. It's pretty rough justice, but it is justice. I wonder if Americans, not just Bush, might try humbling themselves, whether its Christoids might try paying attention to the Bible they say they believe.

It's to pray for, but I'll sure be amazed if that happens, considering the 400 years of apostasy and conceit already logged.
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