Thursday, January 11, 2007


Bush's Iraq Plan Meets Opposition in Congress / US Iraq raid draws Iranian anger

Bush's Iraq Plan Meets Opposition From Congress
INTERNATIONAL / MIDDLE EAST January 11, 2007 Bush’s Iraq Plan Meets Opposition From Congress By DAVID STOUT President Bush’s top aides lobbied hostile lawmakers today on behalf of the administration’s new Iraq strategy, unveiling plans to add 92,000 soldiers and marines to the U.S. military. Click on highlighted title for full text.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please note that Bush isn't just asking for 20,000+ more troops for Iraq. Overall, he wants to increase the size of our military by hundreds of thousands.Why? Unless he is going ahead with plans for additional phases of the wars, like attacking Iran or Syria?Now by attacking Iran's Consulate in Iraq, he has opened the door to overt hostilities with that country, instead of merely a war of words.Will Iran retaliate and give the US or Israel an "excuse" to attack them?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

U.S. lawmakers hammer Bush's new Iraq plan By Sue Pleming and Arshad Mohammed 1 hour, 57 minutes ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers on Thursday hammered President George W. Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' Iraq, leaving the White House increasingly isolated over deepening American involvement in the unpopular war. Some of Bush's fellow Republicans joined newly empowered Democrats in voicing skepticism over whether dispatching 21,500 extra troops to help Iraq's beleaguered government regain control of Baghdad would work. American peace activists vowed to hold thousands of protests and take to the airwaves and the Internet in a campaign to block the planned troop build-up, which they said had fueled a fresh surge of anti-war sentiment. For rest of article, click on

** US Iraq raid draws Iranian anger **
US forces seize six people said to be Iranians in the northern Iraqi town of Irbil, prompting a diplomatic incident.

What right did Americans have to invade a foreign nation's Consulate on another's foreign soil and capture those employeees of the Consulate? We have no right to even BE in Iraq, far less to dictate who may or may not act in aid to the rebels. Do I approve of the "insurgents" and their bloody murders? NO! But neither do I approve of the US invading that nation illegally, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of their people and dispossessing hundreds of thousands more. We have no right to dictate to the Iraqi people what they may or may not do.

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