Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Bush's Surge / The Forgotten Surge

Bush's surge /AlterNet: 100,000 mercenaries, the forgotten "Surge"
How many essential domestic programs would $106.8 BILLION finance? Hpw many more casualties and injuries does this amount represent? How much more grief, pain and destruction will it buy? WA will NOT watch this address tonight!
WASHINGTON - President Bush will tell a nation weary of war Wednesday night that he is sending 21,500 more Americans to Iraq — arguing it has been a mistake not to commit larger numbers of U.S. and Iraqi troops to stabilize the increasingly violent country. Democrats pledged to confront Bush over the troop escalation set to begin next week. The cost of the troop increase would be around $5.6 billion, administration sources said. An additional $1.2 billion would finance rebuilding and jobs programs with the aim of cutting down on the supply of new recruits for anti-government militias. The $6.8 billion will be added to a broader war-spending package for fiscal year 2007 that was already expected to hit $100 billion. The current fiscal year is on track to become the costliest yet for the Iraq war.
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I have posted a little in the past about these mercenary armies being used by the U.S. and Brittain. One site claimed that the U.S. paid these corporations $900 per man for the service. That figure is not verified. Some of the abuses and atrocities committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and blamed on the U.S. military were allegedly committed by mercenaries. The local people make no distinction between legitimate military and these undisciplined, unsupervised mercenaries who basically have carte blanche to do as they please. WA
100,000 mercenaries, the forgotten "Surge"
Barry Lando: Nobody's got it right on the number already there...-------------------------------------
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