Sunday, January 21, 2007


More Sacrifices on Altar of Evil

Book about Cpl. Jason Dunham:

Photo at right: Cpl. Jason Dunham, awarded Medal of Honor ; died in service in Iraq saving lives of his men; killed by insurgent's grenade.
See story at:

More: more photos, text, audio, video at

More of our children slaughtered: From Houston Chronicle, Sunday, January 21, 2007 - pg. A-1

On one of the deadliest days for the U.S. military since the Iraq war began, an American helicopter crashed ..., killing all 13 aboard ... . Iraqi officials ... said it had been shot down ... .Elsewhere, five U.S. soldiers were killed and three wounded in a battle with gunmen ... and two soldiers died from other attacks ... .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

How many more will be sacrificed for imperial world domination ambitions in an illegal war waged by lies. Our sons and daughters honor their committment to the military , to their homeland and to each other, bravely doing their duty and dying for a false cause. Over 3,000 now lie dead and an unknown number injured, maimed, and suffering mental trauma - unknown because the American people are misled about the numbers. When will it stop? After 50,000-plus as in Korea, after 50,000 plus as in Vietnam? If Bush involves us in a world conflagration, how many then? How many civilians of various nations will be rendered homeless, dead, maimed? How much more hatred and disrespect for America will be generated? WA

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