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2007 Legislative Agenda
As the Iraq War enters its fifth year, our obligation to show real support for our troops and veterans is both a moral duty and a crucial component of our national security. For 2007, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has developed the comprehensive IAVA Legislative Agenda to help legislators honor our men and women in uniform by addressing the real issues facing troops and new veterans. We look forward to working with the 110th Congress.
The IAVA Legislative Agenda covers four key areas: mental health, homecoming, health care, and government accountability. From these areas, we've chosen seven IAVA Legislative Priorities: actions Congress can take this session to show that they really support the men and women who have served and continue to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. For complete details, please see the 2007 IAVA Legislative Agenda.
IAVA Legislative Priorities
I. Mental Health
II. Homecoming
III. Health Care
IV. Accountability
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Introduction" href="">Introduction
IAVA Legislative Priorities" href="">IAVA Legislative Priorities
I. Mental Health" href="">I. Mental Health
II. Homecoming" href="">II. Homecoming
III. Health Care" href="">III. Health Care
IV. Accountability" href="">IV. Accountability
Contact Us" href="">Contact Us
Tell Your Representatives" href="">Tell Your Representatives
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