Monday, February 19, 2007


On Our Gutless Wonders in Congress

[A copy of a post from Round Circle by Spadoman, a Veteran who has been there -done that on the war scene.
Monday, February 19, 2007

An Attempt at Inspiration by a Veteran
My friend, This Old Broad, who used to be known as Hill Gal and will always be Hill Gal to me, inspired me to write this today. Her blog post shows her anger and reply to a failed Senate that wouldn't vote to "talk about" the vote for a NON-BINDING resolution. I saw her anger and her frustration, and I share it, tenfold!

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Non violence is the way I want to handle things, like at the Tuesday Peace March, (See Spadoman's Peace Blog on the side bar), Anger is not violent if you control your anger and not strike out physically at your foe. I won't strike out at these heartless, gutless, back stabbing, puppets we call the Republican Senators that voted to not even discuss the matter of death and destruction that is taking place IN YOUR NAME!

YOUR NAME! That's right. They speak for you. Don't turn your back if you come from a state that has Democrats for elected Senators. Like Wisconsin, where I live. Both our Senators voted for discussion of the non-binding resolution. And a few Republicans did too, but not enough to take the whole issue to debate and discussion.Don't sit back and say that your Democrat Senator voted and say that's OK. Write these Republicans that said no and use the words from Old Broad Hill Gal's post and ask them how many must die, how many must we kill.

Ask them. Tell them you want an end to it. They are all your Senators, not just the ones from your state. They all have fax numbers, telephones, e-mails and post office addresses. What will it take to motivate the people, the peace loving people? We supposedly want peace. We voted last November. Remember, the press told us that we mandated change. The controlled press told us that bush's popularity rating is down the toilet. So, what do we do, sit back and wait I guess.

WRONG! I think every American that wants the war to end needs to write a letter, at least once per week, to their own Senator and to a Senator or two from the Republican ranks that voted to not even discuss the isuue. They slapped you in the face and pissed on your fucking leg and you let them.

Get out and do something. There really are no excuses any more. Too busy working means do it later in the evening. Sacrifice a few minutes sleep to get the chore done. Donate one fucking dollar to an organization that promotes peace or to the fund of the Senator that will get the job done. Everything you say is an excuse. If you don't do one little thing once in a while, it will always be this way and we will all suffer. You'll all sit there and read the liberal blogs and comment as to how "right on" we all are, but do nothing. You are as shameful as the Senate that voted to not even discuss the Iraq war.

Wanna hate me for saying these things to you? Go ahead. This is the truth. Everybody that wants the war to end needs to do something more. If you don't, you are part of the problem. I have been part of the problem for years. I am doing something more than I did before, and I beat myself silly wondering if I'm doing all I can do now. I started doing something. You can too. One letter once per week. One dollar, once a month, one thing. Do it, for God's sake, for the world, for the love of anything, do something!

When I graduated High School in 1967, I was 18 years and one month old. I was drafted in 1968, one month shy of 19 years old. I didn't read the paper. I didn't listen to the news. TV wasn't so popular so we didn't watch much. I chased around in my Ford Galaxie convertable and tried to fall in love with every girl I met. I didn't pay attention to the deatils and only heard what the mainstream said. When I was drafted, I went and showed up at the induction office. My thoughts were that my government would never ask me to go to war if we weren't suppose to be there. If it wasn't to promote good. If it wasn't to save these poor Vietnamese people who didn't want to live under Communist rule.

Communism was a bad thing, we were told. We listened. We had just been though many years of Air Raid drills where we would go to the lowest level of the basement at our school and line up on an inside wall and cover our heads with our hands and wait for the bombs to drop or the "All Clear". We had water in containers that we saved for the day when we would be attacked. We were told that when the bomb came, it would be the Communists that dropped it. We were taught that Communism meant an end to freedom. We believed what our government told us. We believed that there was a threat to freedom and we, as Americans, needed to fight for freedom of the poorer down trodden people in Vietnam so they wouldn't have to be taken over by ruthless Communists. Besides, if we didn't fight it over there, then we would have to fight it over here!

So, when I was called up and drafted. I went. Willingly. I said I'd go and fight if they asked me and they did. And I went. When I got there and I was laying in some rice patty 25,000 miles from my home, I realized many things. I found out that my government lied to me. I found out that my enemies weren't these people whose land we were on. I realized that my brothers that I watched die were given up so that Lyndon Johnson wouldn't be the president that "lost" the war in Vietnam.When we 'cut and run" in 1975 and got out of Vietnam, we lost that war, but we won peace. Guess what. America lived through it.

There was a time earlier on when only 3137 soldiers were dead from the war in Vietnam. That number didn't stop until there were over 58,000. What the fuck are we waiting for? Why aren't we outraged to the point of doing something?I fought. I fought for my brother. I fought for my community. I fought for my family. I fought for my life. I did fight for freedom, my own. Free to walk this earth when and if I got home. I made it so I could come here and tell you that we need to do more to stop what is happening. I made it to make the deaths of over 58,000 of my brothers mean something. I made it so we wouldn't make the same mistake again.

Stop the war. Make enough noise that you can't be ignored. Make a difference. Be counted in real time. Do something.Lastly, I watched a great show on Link TV, a satellite station on Direct TV, that also carries Democracy Now. If you don't already listen to it, check out Democracy Now on the TV or the radio, or read it on their website. This is the news that the government doesn't want you to listen to. This is the truth.

On this program last Friday night, I saw the show entitled, "Weapons of Mass Deception". Check out these sites and try to see this movie. They will show to you and prove to you how the government has lied to you about this war and how they steal your dignity from you by allowing you to believe that the war effort is a good one. I'm sure these stupid ass Senators that followed their political party were in on the ruse. They voted to not discuss it because it would end their cash flow that they get from their war machine investments. Go ahead, take a look Hereand Here.

Don't take this personally unless it raises the truth in your own life that you feel you haven't done enough and need to do more about bringing an end to War. If you think I'm talking about you and you do take it personally, don't shoot the messenger. Write a letter instead.

Peace to you all. I love you

May Peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother.
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Weapons of Mass Deception is available for rental at most video/game rental stores. It is available at Blockbuster Video rental; if your local store does not have it in stock, it can be rented via at a nominal contract fee. Contract may be cancelled at any time. ]


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