Thursday, March 15, 2007


More on Military Medical Scandal

Walter Reed / Military Medical Scandal

Veterans for America calls for overhaul of Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs programs for returning troops
03/01/2007, Veterans for America

Last week, the American people learned that our government is failing our service members and veterans across-the-board. The Washington Post revealed the appalling conditions at Walter Reed and the failure of DoD to provide basic care. Newsweek exposed the inadequacies of the VA, and the Associated Press showed that the immense psychological readjustment needs of this generation of veterans are being ignored.

What Does America Owe to Those who Serve?
03/01/2007, Veterans for America

What does America owe to those who serve?

Walter Reed has caused quite a stir here in Washington.

Hearings have been announced, people are starting to get fired, ceilings are being patched, members of congress are taking tours and soldiers are being told to shut up.

Everyone seems to be very upset. I'm not --

I am outraged.

ABC News: Iraq War veteran Brady Van Engelen on conditions at Walter Reed
03/14/2007, ABC News

Brady Van Engelen was shot in the head in iraq, but it took six months to convince the army that he was unfit for duty.

Brady Van Engelen on Anderson Cooper 360
03/14/2007, CNN

VFA staffer Brady Van Engelen was an army lieutenant shot in the head, then sent back to Walter Reed.

Army Sending Injured Troops Back to Iraq
03/14/2007, Salon

That is what worries Steve Robinson, director of veterans affairs at Veterans for America, who has long been concerned that the military was pressing injured troops into Iraq. "Did they send anybody down range that cannot wear a helmet, that cannot wear body armor?" Robinson asked rhetorically. "Well that is wrong. It is a war zone." Robinson thinks that the possibility that physical profiles may have been altered improperly has the makings of a scandal. "My concerns are that this needs serious investigation. You cannot just look at somebody and tell that they were fit," he said. "It smacks of an overstretched military that is in crisis mode to get people onto the battlefield."

Vietnam vet says veteran mistreatment is nothing new
03/14/2007, WJBC Radio

A veterans' advocate is telling Senator Dick Durbin, lawmakers and the administration have known for decades that returning war veterans were not getting proper help but he's glad the issue is finally capturing the nation's attention. Durbin was joined by several veterans, family members, and others at a forum focusing on the chllenges new veterans face as they transition from active duty to civillian life. Vietnam veteran Bobby Muller who was among them, told WJBC's Steve Fast, he made the cover of LIFE Magazine decades ago when he told similar stories of poor treatment, including the lack of managers to help navigate the bureacracy .

We Must Not Accept This
03/06/2007, Huffington Post

I served in Iraq and survived being shot in the head.

I came back to Walter Reed and survived a different kind of hell.

Casualties of the Budget Wars
03/06/2007, New York Times

The sad truth is that The Post’s reports weren’t entirely new: Mark Benjamin, of United Press International and the Web magazine Salon, and Steve Robinson, the director of veterans affairs at Veterans for America, have been reporting on the disgraceful treatment of our war wounded since 2003. More important, the Walter Reed scandal is simply the tip of the iceberg: President Bush, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Congress all pointedly failed to provide the money and resources for our returned troops wherever they are, both the obviously wounded and those who may seem healthy but are suffering mentally and physically from their service.


And just today, I read a winger's rant about "the left" has made Iraq impossible to win because we don't "support" the soldiers.

You really, really have to want to not pay attention to continue to make statements like that. It's a kind of willful stupidity that I never could achieve even with alcohol.
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