Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Lies, Plots, Control of America and the World


Bush is completely sure of the rightness of his "cause" and will not be dissuaded by any one nor by common sense evaluations of the facts. A person who believes that he is charged by God to do a certain task or bring about certain conditions is dangerous, for he sees only his "holy anointing" and his reality is not the reality of other people. Who is to say that a person's assertion that "God told me" is in fact a true spiritual experience or the fanatical imaginings of a disordered mind?

Because Bush's handlers and aides pander to him or allow him free rein in order that he bring their own goals to fruition, it isn't likely that he will waver in his aim to attack Iran. It seems that he truly believes that the Iraq debacle has been a success. It is essential to the goal of controlling the world's oil resources in order to become the Imperial Power of the world; Big Oil, the Industrial Complex and other financial world powers profit greatly from war.

Control of the Middle East and other oil rich nations is imperative as they see it. Already Bush makes preparation to unleash the dogs of war on Venezulela, starting the anti-Chavez propaganda, setting war ships patrolling the coast and sending troops to the Dominican Republic, in readiness. It is obvious who is planned to be next in line or soon after the war planned with Iran.

Congress is the only entity that could have reined Bush in but they yielded so much power to him that now they are virtually impotent. Many writers and journalists believe that we shall have another "9/11", probably of a lesser degree, in order to frighten the citizens into backing Bush on the war with Iran. But even if they do not, it isn't likely that he will be deterred.

Some of these same writers and others fear that some sort of emergency, manufactured or serendipitous, will come about to give Bush an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the presidential election in 2008, thus leaving him as president and an excuse to controll the citizens. Not all systems for control are yet fully in place but under martial law they could be forcibly implemented.

People knowledgeable about WWII, Hitler, Nazism and Fascism ask why and how the German people allowed a psycho like Hitler to seize so much power. Well, Folks, now we know - we've done the same thing, as Bush has followed Hitler's blueprint to seize control of the US. Despots have used much the same tactics for hundreds of years; if it works, use it.

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