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Memorial Day: Tributes to Fallen Soldiers
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Your tributes to fallen soldiers readers share memories of troops killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

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Flags Are Placed At Arlington National Cemetery Graves
Paying respects
U.S. flags are placed at each of the 220,000 graves of American servicemen and women at Arlington National Cemetery.

Video: Memorial Day
'People die, not love'
Petty Officer 1st Class David Tapper was killed in action while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. His mother, Judi shares how she keeps her son's memory alive.

Pearl Harbor
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This Memorial Day, asked readers to share photos and memories of loved ones killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are their stories, unedited and unvarnished. To view a special photo gallery honoring these soldiers, click here.

Julio Cesar Cisneros Alvarez
Julio Cesar Cisneros Alvarez, October 27th 1982-January 6th, 2005. J.C. was a sweet, charming guy. We met through his brother at a football game and started dating soon after that. He loved to dance anything and everything. He was so full of life and extremely ambitious. He had a captivating smile. J.C. was the type of guy who would see a pretty flower on the side of the road and pick it for you. It's no wonder why i fell in love so easily. He meant a lot to his family and mine. I love him with all my heart and i am never going to forget him. I know he is in a better place now watching over me.
--Jessica Garcia, Mission, TX (submitted on April 27, 2007)

Daniel Anderson
Hello, My name is Lauren Layton. I wanted to tell you about a man who i have never met but have heard so many wonderful stories about. He was my ex boyfriends Dad. His name was Daniel Anderson. He married a wonderful women(who i called my second mother) named Arleen Anderson. They both were in the Military. Zak was born at the Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada. Where his father and mother were based. His father was a Technical Seargent and also Desert Survival Instructor. Every few months Daniel would take 55 men out in the the desert for a month and teach them how to survive. He would guard airbases in Saudi Arabia in the first Gulf War. The stories Zak's family has told me, Daniel was a very kind hearted person. He loved his family more then anything. Daniel Anderson died in the year of 1991 by suicide. When he died, his family was broken. Daniel had two wonderful children, a daughter and a son, and also a wonderful Wife. When he died Zak was only two years old. Tanya, Zak's sister, was 4. Zak grew up without that fatherly figure. He didn't know how to take it. Daniel, is watching zak up in heaven, making sure he has the most wonderful life. His father would be so proud of his son, in what he is wanting to do and is doing to make his life great. I may not know Daniel Anderson, but to me Daniel was a man I would honor for the rest of my life.
--Anonymous , Twain Harte, CA (submitted on April 26, 2007)

Sherwood R. Baker
Sherwood R. Baker Born Oct 5, 1973 KIA Operation Iraqi Freedom April 26th, 2004 What We LOVED most about him is he was a loving father and husband. And enjoyed being with his family and he always made everyone laugh. We Miss you. Love Wife Debra And Son James-Dante Baker
--Debra Baker, Wilkes-Barre, PA (submitted on May 7, 2007)

Dominic Rocky Baragona
Our son, LTC Dominic Rocky Baragona 42, was killed on May 19th 2003 in Iraq...Rocky's Humvee was crushed when a KGL truckdriver, playing road tag with Rocky's Humvee, lost control, and jack-knifed into Rocky's vehicle killing him instantly...The Army's 15-6 report found KGL negligent and totaly responsible for the accident...KGL has countless of contracts with the U.S. Army's Dept. of Defense, and is required by law to give a full report whenever an accident takes place... Senator Mike DeWine personally spoke to Kuwaiti's Ambassador and Prime Minister about this matter and we continue to be ignored...We filed a report with the Dept of Defense and they threatened to have KGL debarred from any futher contracts unless they came to the table...Not to be undone, KGL hired the former head of the DOD, a Brig. General, to represent them...He has brought everything to a halt arguing we have no jurisdiction...Meanwhile, KGL continues to do millions of dollars worth of business with the Dept. of Defense... Rocky was right in the middle of seven children...As the family grew older, he was the hub in the wheel that got the siblings together for all the major holidays..As his father, I sorrowly miss our countless political discussions and especially our talks about the war..Rocky is burried in Arlington, and because Washington is visited so often, gets plenty of visitors... Sadly missed by Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters...
--Dominic Baragona, The Villages, FL (submitted on April 28, 2007)

Kenny Bostic
Today I want to honor a good friend of mine. His name was Kenny Bostic and he was only 21 when he was killed in Iraq on October 30th of 2006 . We served in the 209th MP company at Ft. Polk together. We were in the same squad. I will miss his energy and good humor. He was a caring person who would help his friends with anything. I had the honor of serving with him in Afghanistan in 2004 and when we returned he then volunteered to deploy with our sister company to Iraq. He was a great person all around and will never be forgotten.
--Anonymous , Boston, MA (submitted on May 16, 2007)

Brian J. Bradbury
Brian J. Bradbury, May 1st, 1984- June 21st, 2006 Brian was a wonderful, loving, quiet, thoughtful young man. He never forgot my birthday or anniversary. He was shy and embrassed easily. He had few friends, but knew everybody. I am so proud and honored to have spent 22 yrs with him. June 21st, he was brave, courageous and without fear, doing the task that was set before him, laying his life on the line so that others could get to safety and return fire. He is a Hero! He is my Hero, my son. Everyday I think of you and miss you. I will always remember!
--Rhonda Bradbury, Saint Joseph, MO (submitted on May 16, 2007)

Hoby Frank Bradfield Jr.
I want to tell you about my son SPC. Hoby Frank Bradfield Jr who served in the Army with the 2/3 CAV Grim Troop from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hoby died July 9th 2005 in Tal Afar, Iraq. Hoby made the decision to join the Army on Sept. 11th 2001 just like many others did. He said to me "Mom someone has to do this and it's going to be me". He entered the Army in 2002. Hoby was on his second tour of Iraq. He had recently been married and was to become a dad. His daughter Kloe was born in Sept. of 2005. What I loved most about Hoby was his compassion for others. I passed on to my sons the same thing my mother had passed on to me, "you do for others because you can, not because you have to. Someday when you're in "need" someone will step for you or your family". He and his younger brother Jared would do yard work and shovel snow for elderly neighbors in upstate New York. He was the sounding board for his friends when they had problems and never judged them. Hoby's smile could light up a room, I called it the "Fuzzy grin". I had nicknamed him "Fuzzy" when he was a baby and even as an adult he would answer to it. When I think of him that is what I miss the most, his smile and those beautiful blue eyes and the way he would just laugh with his whole being. Hoby loved his brothers and family and would have walked through hell for them. The last sentence of every letter he wrote to me was a message to his step-dad Ken....Hoby wrote "Ken take care of mom for me". He once said that he was more like Ken than he realized and that he had taught him many things without even realizing it. Life has changed for all that knew Hoby since his death, but Hoby lives on in our heart and memories. I can still see his smiling face and those twinkling eyes. I love you Hoby and miss you. Stay safe and keep your head down.
--Dianne Sterling, Wheaton, IL (submitted on May 3, 2007)

Dean R. Bright
In Grateful Memory of my Son, Private First Class Dean R. Bright, 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, of Fort Hood, Texas ! Born October 13, 1973, killed in Taji, Iraq, October 4,2006. Dean left behind his wife, Becky, and there 2 Beautiful children, Jarrod 9 and Maddie 6. Dean join the Army in September 2005, was something he always wanted to do . He left for Iraq in March 2006. Dean was a people person, always with an smile on his face, love to make people laugh, had an Big Heart, very caring ! His sister, Sandra, was his Best Friend, didn't matter where she was or what time of the day, he always had to call her 3 or 4 times a day ! Dean has touch so many people lives, more than he well ever know. He went out of his way, even for the small little things.I got an letter from this 10 year old little girl, telling me, that Dean would stop whatever he was doing, and help her with her homework, no matter how busy he was. Dean was like that, as he look after these soliders, made sure they did not go without. I was lucky, as Dean and I had yahoo messenger, so I got to talk with Dean almost everyday ! Tell me things he needed, and what the other soliders needed, I would send packages all the time. We had alot of good times over the internet, times, where Dean needed to vent, he always told me things, that normally, a boy would not tell his Mother, but I was his Mother, but we where Best of Friends as well. In April 2006, Dean risk his life, to save a solider, while they where under attack, from a Burning Bradly. Dean was Honor Bronze Star with V-Device Medal for what he did. Dean also serve as our City Counsler, very out going in Sports, for the children, everyone knew Dean, loved Dean ! We miss Dean so much, he will always be in our Hearts Forever !! He will not be Forgotten !
--Norma Lane, Sutherlin, OR (submitted on May 18, 2007)

Ryan Montgomery Campbell
My son, Sgt Ryan Montgomery Campbell, was born November 7, 1978, in Enterprise, Alabama, the son of an Army helicopter pilot. Ryan grew up in California and Missouri, "making do" with few material possessions. He went on to graduate from college and planned to attend graduate school. He was killed in action in Iraq April 29, 2004 after being in country for 13 months. What I loved most about my son was his ability to get along with most anyone and his special affection for children, especially those who go without. He had wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children in Iraq.
--Mary Ann MacCombie, Kirksville, MO (submitted on April 30, 2007)

Adam Cann
Marine Sgt Adam Cann, Born Jan 25, 1983 Died Jan 5, 2006. Adam was a warm and caring man who was just starting to live his life. Adam had a way of making everyone smile when he walked into the room, But all of that was taken away from us on Jan 5, 2006 when he and his K-9 partner Bruno where in Ramadi at the Police training depot, Sgt Cann and Bruno were taking care of crowd control when a man walked in and detanated himself killing Adam. Adam saved his partner and other Marines by paying the ultimate price of his life. Adam wanted to be in the middle of it to protect and serve his country. We miss you and know that you are looking down on us today.
--Trish King, Sierra Vista, AZ (submitted on May 6, 2007)

Christopher B. Cosgrove III
LCPL Christopher B. Cosgrove III August 9, 1983 - October 1, 2006 There aren't enough words to encompass the spirit of Chris. From the time he was little he wanted to be a Marine, he achieved his dream and his whole family was so proud of him. His infectious laughter would make us all laugh particularly when he was laughing at himself which he did often. He was always ready for an adventure, Chris had that power to let you know how much he loved you. I was shocked when I read a posting on his website and the person said that he knew how loved he was by Chris. This kid was so full of life. I am constantly telling people how he would say to Art “Art, let’s take golf lessons.” “No, Chris, I don’t want to play golf.” C’mon Art, we’ll have fun.” “OK Chris, let’s take golf lessons.” “Art, let’s go kayaking.” No Chris, no kayaking.” C’mon Art, we’ll have fun.” “Ok Chris, let’s go kayaking.” It was never-ending, and always Art would relent and join Chris in his mountain climbing and parasailing, golf and kayaking. He had the power to convince you that you wanted to do these things and you would be more enriched for it. There wasn't anything that Chris wouldn't do to help others, he was always right there ready to volunteer and help. Chris was two weeks away from being home when he was killed by a suicide bomber. We couldn't wait for him to get home, we had a whirlwind of celebrations planned, his welcome home party, his engagement party and in August, his wedding. Chris was a light in our lives, there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of him and miss him. Having him in our lives was such a gift. We love you Chris, you will be forever in our hearts and forever our hero.
--Anonymous , Randolph, NJ (submitted on May 1, 2007)

Jeremy E. DePottey
My husbands name was Sgt. Jeremy E. DePottey his birthdate was Sept. 20, 1979 and he was killed in Asadabad, Afganistan due to a Humvee accident on Sept 11, 2006. He will be missed deaply by everyone that knew him. I love my husband very much. I loved the way he smiled and when he called me and I got to hear his voice. He was a wonderful husband and father of 3 kids. He will never be forgotten. He died doing what he loved and that was serving his country.
--Jackie DePottey, Mansfield, TX (submitted on May 16, 2007)


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