Sunday, February 10, 2008


Why They Hate Us - video

Why They Hate Us - video

It is not for our freedoms, as Bush asserts.
This video show only a drop in the bucket of America's crimes against the weaker nations and crimes against humanity as our regimes attempted to assert control of the world.


We focus on the imperialistic actions and goals in the middle east but American imperialism extends across the globe. Africa is a prime target also, using different methods. Fact: Africa provides over 24% of our oil. That's only ONE reason the U.S. wants dominance and hegemony over Africa.


Imperialism in India - Our British allies continue to stir trouble in India. Factions continue to quarrel. Pakistan ( once a part of India) hates America equally with Brittain; publically professing to be our friend but privately backing the Taliban and insurgents. Indoa and Pakistan also continue their hatred and distrust of each other.


Opposition: People have risen up against imperialistic and unfair regimes. Revolution is not unheard of.



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