Monday, September 07, 2009


What a nation censors...

You can tell a lot about a nation by what it censors:
Janet Jackson....Howard Stern....military casualties

Bush had the woman fired who dared to take this photo of coffins being loaded each night in Kuwait for secret shipment back home. More. Dover coffin photos. Still More. Bush does not count soldiers who die en route to hospital or in hospital in Germany as deaths. This means the true death count of American soldiers is over five times higher than Bush is reporting. In 2006 the Pentagon relented and has released some coffin photos such as these and these.
(Chicago Tribune) Photo of GIs' caskets costs worker her job

Not only the photographer but her husband were fired for publishing photos of American caskets from Iraq. Maytag Aircraft's owner says "he's sorry to lose them." You didn't lose them, numbnuts, you fired them. A flick of the tail to Maureen Dowd, fellow CUA grad, for her courageous editorials...


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